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st=>start: Start:>[blank] e=>end:> op1=>operation: My Operation sub1=>subroutine: My Subroutine cond=>condition: Yes or No?:> io=>inputoutput: catch something... para=>parallel: parallel tasks st->op1->cond cond(yes)->io->e cond(no)->para para(path1, bottom)->sub1(right)->op1 para(path2, top)->op1
This should be a diagram! If you do not see it you need Javascript enabled


<script src="raphael-min.js"><
<script src="flowchart-latest.js"></script>

<div id="diagram"></div>
  var diagram = flowchart.parse("the code definition");

  // you can also try to pass options:

  diagram.drawSVG('diagram', {
                              'x': 0,
                              'y': 0,
                              'line-width': 3,
                              'line-length': 50,
                              'text-margin': 10,
                              'font-size': 14,
                              'font-color': 'black',
                              'line-color': 'black',
                              'element-color': 'black',
                              'fill': 'white',
                              'yes-text': 'yes',
                              'no-text': 'no',
                              'arrow-end': 'block',
                              'scale': 1,
                              // style symbol types
                              'symbols': {
                                'start': {
                                  'font-color': 'red',
                                  'element-color': 'green',
                                  'fill': 'yellow'
                                  'class': 'end-element'
                              // even flowstate support ;-)
                              'flowstate' : {
                                'past' : { 'fill' : '#CCCCCC', 'font-size' : 12},
                                'current' : {'fill' : 'yellow', 'font-color' : 'red', 'font-weight' : 'bold'},
                                'future' : { 'fill' : '#FFFF99'},
                                'request' : { 'fill' : 'blue'},
                                'invalid': {'fill' : '#444444'},
                                'approved' : { 'fill' : '#58C4A3', 'font-size' : 12, 'yes-text' : 'APPROVED', 'no-text' : 'n/a' },
                                'rejected' : { 'fill' : '#C45879', 'font-size' : 12, 'yes-text' : 'n/a', 'no-text' : 'REJECTED' }

st=>start: Start|past:>[blank] e=>end: End|future:> op1=>operation: My Operation|past op2=>operation: Stuff|current sub1=>subroutine: My Subroutine|invalid cond=>condition: Yes or No?|approved:> c2=>condition: Good idea|rejected io=>inputoutput: catch something...|future st->op1(right)->cond cond(yes, right)->c2 cond(no)->sub1(left)->op1 c2(yes)->io->e c2(no)->op2->e
This should be a diagram! If you do not see it you need Javascript enabled

st=>start: Improve your l10n process! e=>end: Continue to have fun!:>[blank] op1=>operation: Go to>[blank] sub1=>subroutine: Read the awesomeness cond(align-next=no)=>condition: Interested to getting started? io=>inputoutput: Register:>[blank] sub2=>subroutine: Read about improving your localization workflow or another source:>[blank] op2=>operation: Login:>[blank] cond2=>condition: valid password? cond3=>condition: reset password? op3=>operation: send email sub3=>subroutine: Create a demo project sub4=>subroutine: Start your real project io2=>inputoutput: Subscribe st->op1->sub1->cond cond(yes)->io->op2->cond2 cond2(no)->cond3 cond3(no,bottom)->op2 cond3(yes)->op3 op3(right)->op2 cond2(yes)->sub3 sub3->sub4->io2->e cond(no)->sub2(right)->op1 st@>op1({"stroke":"Red"})@>sub1({"stroke":"Red"})@>cond({"stroke":"Red"})@>io({"stroke":"Red"})@>op2({"stroke":"Red"})@>cond2({"stroke":"Red"})@>sub3({"stroke":"Red"})@>sub4({"stroke":"Red"})@>io2({"stroke":"Red"})@>e({"stroke":"Red","stroke-width":6,"arrow-end":"classic-wide-long"})
This should be a diagram! If you do not see it you need Javascript enabled